Why Joe Biden Will Win Over Donald Trump At The November 2020 Elections (The One Simple Reason)

Last term’s elections were so dramatic and controversial! And time has really gone by fast, with the next elections less than 3 months away.

This time around, I am convinced than Donald Trump will lose badly, and there is one simple reason why.

Sure, we can look at how he is trailing at the polls… but he was trailing in the last elections also. Sure… this term went very badly… horrifically in fact! With a massive recession, trade dropping by half, an inappropriately handles pandemic running out of control… all of these things aren’t great for solidifying voters. Then again, Trump is good at blaming others, and there are still plenty of people to blame for each of these issues.

The one reason I am convinced that Joe Biden will come up on top reveals itself when we look at Trump’s tactics in gaining support. You see, there are 2 ways to make people vote for you.

  1. The first is to make people love you, or make people think you are competent in your job. With Donald’s quite frankly terrible past and many failures, very few people see him as lovable or as actually competent.
  2. The second way to win an election is to make everyone hate your opponent. This is what Trump is undeniably good at! This is how he won the previous election, and how he is still attempting the win over Biden.

The problem is that Joe Biden is a very neutral character. He is kind of boring in fact. He seems like a run of the mill politician who has slowly climbed to the top of the democratic ladder. There isn’t much to demonise about him… nothing viscerally intense anyway. His character is a lot harder to attack than Hillary’s.

In this tumultuous time, people will edge away from the erratic Trump, and vote for the calm, not-great, but not-terrible Joe Biden. He’s kind of boring, but maybe that’s better right now than more craziness. That will be the swing voters emotional resolution.

Having said that, will Joe Biden be able to solve all of America’s issues? Will he be able to curb the race towards economic doom as public debt skyrockets? Almost certainly not, and he will likely play even more into this problem. Still, that aside, there are only two candidates, and we would need a truly remarkable candidate to fix these core, systemic issues.

The only way that I can see Biden losing is if a massive scandal breaks out… which is possible… and I’m sure Trump’s team is looking for a scandal. That is what they’re good at. They could even have a scandal right now that they are saving up for a later date.

If there is evidence of Joe Biden being responsible for something truly heinous, then we could see yet another term of Donald Trump. It is possible, but I think less than 1% likelihood, pegging my confidence at a 99% Donald Trump loss.