Universal Love, Said The Cactus Person

This is a redirect to an story written by Scott Alexander on the Slate Star Codex. I include it here because this short work has really had a lasting and dynamic impact on me. It pops into my mind every few months or so, as it did today, and it has opened possibilities and memories that can be hard to access. For those who have had inexplainable experiences of intense, seemingly indiscriminate outpourings of love - then you know the feeling of of intense confusion that will almost assuredly follow. We can remember the experience in our body - or rather - we can remember that we had a deeply intense experience that we intuitively know has a lot of meaning and deep, deep truth. But we cannot go back there, and we cannot feel what we felt on demand. Our mind will shortly kick in and try to make sense of it all, and try to attach meaning and importance - but this trying to rope down the beauty of a butterfly. Universal love is a phrase thrown around easily - but oh so deeply tricky to integrate into actual life, moment to moment, again and again, day after day, into a living perceptual truth. This story doesn't contain all the answers you are looking for on this topic, but I have found it useful as a living flow of energy - ping your ideas of universal love onto this story and see where it takes you. There is a lot of integration needed to be done! (Is that not the whole purpose of your incarnation after all?) And love is one of the deepest aspects to integrate throughout your entire life. No one can do this except yourself, your I, but we can share tools we have found along the way.

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