The Beautifully Sweet Rewards Of Rising Early In The Morning (Using An Accountability Buddy)

Is it just me, or the distinction just so massive, that between rising early out your own free will and getting up because you have to, either because you have some work you must attend, or because it’s getting late in the day in and you don’t want to waste your whole day!

There is a common saying that “Everything is actually about sex, and what’s not about sex is actually about money…” That’s quite funny to me, although too cynical I think. I think the deeper, more beautiful reality is that what we want as human beings is to feel alive!

Sometimes life offers a chapter where we truly do feel alive, in a truly exciting and fulfilling manner! But this is reasonably rare, and it would be nice to have this feeling more in life – the feeling of being alive!

To me I envision the main inner benefit of rising early like this: I could either get dragged out of bed by the sun, or I could have an inner, burning sun within me, so full of life and energy, that I rise before the sun does!

So… that’s all a nice thought, but as we know, early in the morning is the furthest away from this feeling you could be! Normally anyway. At times if we want a change in our being, we need to make the change, indeed force a change, in the part of us that is the antithesis of what where we want to be. In other words, that lazy part of yourself, that has the most bestest excuses for laying in a bit longer… that’s what we need to blow out of the water, and we need to replace it with something that pumps energy into us.

It’s that simple, but not exactly that easy.

That’s why I 100% recommend an accountability buddy. I have just found that I cannot trust my mind in the mornings. I can hype myself up as much as I want, the actual next morning my mind will still find a very ‘reasonable’ excuse to lay in. Making a simple agreement with someone you respect, to meet up, or even just video chat in the morning forces you to be accountable to something bigger than yourself. Of course the hard part is finding someone who won’t make excuses and who also want to embody the benefits of rising early and having increased energy in life! Or is the hard part not bailing yourself? That’s for you to find out, but I trust you can do this!

My current setup is calling my friend on video at 06:00. My bed needs to be made, which for me works as I know I won’t get back into bed after it’s been made. We then do 20 push-ups to get the blood flowing, and sign off. I then do my very energising yoga routine for around an hour, then have breakfast and do a couple-odd sets of curls. It’s nothing fancy! But man, this really pumps so much energy into me.

Like I said earlier, the idea here is to pump energy into yourself, to make yourself feel alive!… at the most lazy part of your day, which happens to be just before sunrise when our bodies don’t want to get up. The idea is to do this, to force it happening, so as to permanently increase your energy levels. To habituate your body into being energetic.

This isn’t a grand secret, but it’s a reality that everyone can benefit from! Including you!

So if you’re not already an early riser, find yourself an accountability buddy, and reap the benefits of this simple change in life. Enjoy the fruits of youth, energy, life, excitement, joy, happiness, eagerness and liberation into freedom itself.