Through sacred substances and a strong practice of grounding & integrative sober-meditation and kriya yoga
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The information listed here is an initial indication only and updated in-frequently. It is your responsibility to carefully check your local laws before consuming psychedlics, and to consider the other health factors involved.

Countries labelled in green indicate there is some method of legally consuming the substance in focus. It does not mean selling, distribution, cultivating, public use, possession of large quantities, etc. are all legal. In fact, there is almost always conditions attached to the substance, and so detailed analysis is required on your part to find the appropriate legal avenue.

Countries labelled in light green indicate decriminalised use under certain circumstances. It is once again your responsibility to research and find an appropriate avenue to acquire the substance. Again, this does not indicate selling, distribution, cultivating, public use, possession of large quantities, etc. are all decriminalised.

Countries labelled in olive have not been researched.

Counties labelled in red indicate that the substance is illegal in a practical sense for the spiritual seeker. Countries which do not regularly enforce the law are still labelled illegal. Some countries may decriminalise consumption/possesion of small quantities but not the purchase or cultivation of the substance - these are also labelled as illegal.

Google is your friend.

LSD is not legal anywhere in the world - and it is not supported for legalisation by the creator of this website due to its tendency for abuse.

That is not to say that LSD that cannot be used for spiritual pursuits, and I have many times. It is especially useful for all-night sits due to its long trip duration.

Overall, the party scene abuses LSD too much in this generation, and taints the spiritual movement. Using such a powerful substance in combination with alcohol and doof music is sacrilege in my opinion!

A major challenge in the legalisation of psychedelics is the substance abuse of others, which makes many people rightfully sceptical of the substances.

All psychedelics have a potential for substance abuse, but LSD is more so than others. Magic mushrooms also have a high potential for spiritual abuse, but are at least less dangerous as their duration is shorter (less people driving while high) and also in my experience, the spiritual potential of magic mushrooms are much greater than LSD.