In Praise Of Unbox Therapy!

Lewis is awesome!

Lewis Hilsenteger - the star and creator of Unbox Therapy - is perhaps the most successful Canadian who has ever lived! On Earth anyways. In fact, I believe he represents a significant leap in the evolution of the Canadian. He embodies all the qualities we know and love in the Canadian being, but adds to them the magical qualities that elevate him to the status of an Uber-Canadian!

Oh, what?! You say he's nothing more than an overexcited nerd with his face glued to the latest gadget? With a suspiciously well groomed beard to cover up his childish criticism of the latest iPhone? Nothing more than a laugh and a smile that is overly attached to Otis the dog? Lighting and a good camera man can make anyone seem like a pro you say?

Well, I respectfully disagree, Sir!

On the face of it, I can tell you that when I want to buy the next wacky, noise canceling, chest-mounted speakers - I will definitely contemplate good old Lew's opinion. He is bound to get excited about the thing, which makes me enjoy the product even more if I do buy it - I have that same energy when showing it off to my friends - and they like that energy! But Lewie always keeps his mind on the money - finally someone who isn't trying to sell me something but who amps me up nevertheless! Lew tells me about so many great features in this new product, and I am blown away by the exciting new possibilities for what my life can become with this new technology! And just then Lew looks us straight in the eye - and confesses that this is more of a novelty item for a class of individuals with more money than sense. Alas, maybe I won't spend $500 USD on some gaming hand warmers, but it's great to have gone through the journey of enjoying that item, at least for a few minutes, through the spirit of Lew and his excitement. I could probably spend that money on something more sensible - like emptying out $100 dollars on five B-52s at the pub this weekend.

And the channel's reviews on essential items is remarkably solid - I definitely respect and strongly consider Lewis's reviews before buying my next smartphone - in my experience, he's been bang on! I don't get to play with as many smartphones as Lew, but I checked out his review of the Galaxy S9 before buying mine, and I must say I agree with him entirely. What I've heard about the Pixel phones from friends match up well too, as does the feedback from most of my friends (apart from loyalist iPhone users). There is a skill to breaking down the merit of a smartphone, and good old Lew has become a professor emeritus in this sweet sweet science. He loves it! When he was covering the Galaxy fold, he actually had the look on his face of a kid who unwrapped a PlayStation at Christmas! His reviews on the fold were really diamond class.

The name itself, 'Unbox Therapy' - what a great name! What a great, great name for a YouTube channel! It perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the channel. I wonder if they had this in mind at the inception of the YouTube channel - but I get the feeling that many people watch the videos simply to relax. I definitely do sometimes - it actually helps me wake up first thing in the morning. Lewis enjoys the process of presenting so much, and he's just so comfortable in his excitement, that you yourself get a whopper kick out of the experience. I definitely feel more therapeutically balanced after soaking in a factory fresh video of his - like a drinking a warm, but not too warm, red berry infused tea, whilst sitting in the sun of a calm spring morning, where you feel awake and energetic in your freshly trimmed garden after your shower, with two little puppies playing chase nearby, bringing a huge smile to your sun warmed face. Or something like that anyway.

And this is the serious point I would like to make in this post. A very serious point, very very serious. It's that Lew is providing the world with so much more than gadget reviews. More than news on the latest products. And more than a short lived laugh. Lew is providing an energetic service to literally 10s of millions of people.

We tend to hang around people with similar vibrations to ourselves - and more so we tend to keep our eyeballs on those with a vibration which we desire, admire, respect and wish, on some level, to emulate. We all have our ups, and we all have our downs - it seems as though Lewis has stabilized himself in these higher vibrations of exuberance - but anyone who enjoys Lew's content and the energy he gives off - all these people also have those same vibrations within them, eagerly awaiting for amplification from Lew's sweet, sweet, excitable, sweet Canadian voice.

Fame tends to go to people heads, but Mr. Hilsenteger has stayed integrated in his humility. I really appreciate how Lewis complements the people him and lifts them up, like gold old Willie Doo, the background crew, and his likable guests. This is where Lewis demonstrates his nobility! Raw, authentic nobility! He isn't interested in satisfying himself at the expense of others. His happiness and fulfillment aren't based on comparing himself to others, or being dominant of anyone around him. He is so grounded and fulfilled in himself that he enjoys lifting other people up - demonstrating a true quality of what it means to be a man. It is so beautiful and aspiring to see! It brings a tear to my eyes.

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