How To Use LSD For Spiritual Development

— Please consider your local laws regarding the use of entheogens as they vary depending on country and state/province. Other entheogens may be legally acquirable in your region. —

LSD can be an amazing entheogen if used with the proper intent.

In this video I simply show how it is possible to meditate for hours on an entheogen in this 270 minute sit. There is a reason why long sits has been popular for millennia in the stories of those who have actually, in their lifetime, reached liberation.

Further watching from enlightened teacher Shinzen Young:…

If you are someone who wants breakthroughs in your baseline level of consciousness, and given that you already have a solid meditation practice ongoing as well as being mentally stable, I recommend trying this for yourself (with a responsible dose of course). The transformational results are so much greater than listening to music or chatting with friends on this entheogenic substance.

— Always keep in mind that psychedelics such as LSD are super powerful tools in their ability for inner realization – but also for lowering your ability to perform daily tasks. Always commit an entire day for introspection on LSD, and under no circumstances drive under the effects. —