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Re: Over 1 Million USD Gifted To Hackers By Florida Towns

GreatCommentsGreatComments Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in General

There were some great comments from a Reddit share of this post - it got taken down as a "Questionable Source" - which is fair enough I suppose. But I thought I'd share some of the interesting comments on this otherwise lost thread 😎

I work for a public organization that is constantly being hit by ransomware attacks, but it's impossible for any of us in IT to convince the higher ups to invest in security and better backup systems. We play a game where we have to shuffle data on a daily basis just to have enough space to backup our files. All my coworkers and I can do is document and keep an email trail of where we reported these issues to administration so we can cover our own asses. u/KimJongFunk

u/realJerganTheLich in reply --> As someone in I.T. its infuriating isn't it? --- I was actually asked a "why should you keep your job" question from a higher up because my department didn't make green dollar value for the company. Dude, my job is literally to maintain your infrastructure which is always a loss for any company. I can minimize the value lost to the company in some regards, but I don't actively produce anything or collect money or even sales. --- I absolutely loathe bean counters at the top because they're the ones driving these data breeches and ransom attacks. I watched a CIO know about an upcoming white-hat attack by a third party to test vulnerabilities. The freaking CIO clicked the external link sent to all employees EVERY FREAKING TIME. Had it been an actual attack, we'd have had malware all over. --- The freaking CIO. Uuuggghhhh

u/DawnTreador also in reply --> Now you have another news headline to put on their desk. Keep up the good fight my friend.

u/tigerdt1 says ~ "Gifted" is a bit of a stretch. ~ and had six upvotes on this point.

u/bad_luck_dragon says --- My small town recently had to pay $25k due to a ransomware attack. --- Did the people making the decision learn any fucking thing? Of course not. Literally nothing changed, except note the IT budget is $25k smaller for the rest of the year.

In a different thread,

u/pcakes13 --- A million dollars would have paid for a lot of virtualization and recovery systems. News like this drives me nuts because the reality is the reason they paid was because they couldn’t restore data. The IT people are either incompetent, have no budget, or both. --- The minute the attack was detected they should have flattened the PCs that were the source then restored all affected VMs from backup. Total actual downtime should have been measured in hours, not days. --- Edit- for good measure.... GPOs? Advanced filtering + malware detection at the firewall level? Prevent the attack before it even happens.

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