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How I Finally Got My Samsung 4K Monitor To Run At 4k And 60Hz Refresh Rate

GerhardGerhard Posts: 14
edited June 2019 in General

I wasted too much time on this - so I thought I'd quickly write in this if someone ever googles the same question 😎

I'm using:

  • Monitor - Samsung 28 inch 4K UHD Monitor (UE590)
  • Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

In the end, I had two issues why the 60Hz at 3840x2160

  1. You need to create a custom display mode through 'Nvidia Control Panel.' I found this annoying first up because in Windows 10, if you type "Nvidia" into the search, only ''GeForce Experience'' shows up. You can find it at --> Control Panel\Appearance and Personalisation. Then find "Change Resolution" - Customise - Create Custom Resolution.
  2. The second issue I had was that my HDMI cable couldn't handle 60Hz on 4k. I actually used the cable that came with the monitor, which you would think is 60Hz 4K capable - s maybe it was actually my graphics card's HDMI port that is still an older version. The solution for me was to use a Display Port cable.

And that worked perfectly for me. It took a lot of hassle to finally reach this solution though! 😵

If this post helps save someone out there a few hours I''ll be glad. 😁

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