When the mind slows down, all sensations dissolve into the flow of spirit.

Clarity And Calm Inducing Instrumental Aura Music – Perfect For Bedtime Mind Release & Clear Dreams

I hope you enjoy this ambient space/aura compilation of some brilliant pieces of music. I wanted to experiment with listening to music as I fall asleep to see how they affect my dreams. So I created this set of music which I listen to as I fall asleep. I have also found this very useful to listen to a couple hours before I need to get up in the morning, as I wake up feeling much more clear-minded. I chose the music to induce feelings of peace, introspection and mystery. I have found that my mind can easily release when laying down and listening to these tracks, allowing me to get into touch with my more intuitive intelligence. If you have any interesting results, please give me feedback below in the comments 🙂

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How To Use LSD For Spiritual Development

— Please consider your local laws regarding the use of entheogens as they vary depending on country and state/province. Other entheogens may be legally acquirable in your region. —

LSD can be an amazing entheogen if used with the proper intent.

In this video I simply show how it is possible to meditate for hours on an entheogen in this 270 minute sit. There is a reason why long sits has been popular for millennia in the stories of those who have actually, in their lifetime, reached liberation…

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The Beautifully Sweet Rewards Of Rising Early In The Morning (Using An Accountability Buddy)

Is it just me, or the distinction just so massive, that between rising early out your own free will and getting up because you have to, either because you have some work you must attend, or because it’s getting late in the day in and you don’t want to waste your whole day!

There is a common saying that “Everything is actually about

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