Sometimes I like to cover and comment upon world events to prompt a deeper discussion. Hear my take over here and share your perspectives.

Iran Openly Breaches Its Nuclear Deal By Expanding Its Stockpile Of Enriched Uranium

Iran has today made a massive statement of power - one that cannot be ignored by any world power. No doubt in response to the United States recent activities near their homeland, Iran's own Fars newsagency has reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency had measured their nuclear stockpile today, and they have found Iran's enriched uranium to exceed the 300kg (660lbs) limit set out in the 2015 nuclear deal made by the Obama administration.

Although the United States, headed by Donald Trump's administration, have indicated their disapproval of the 2015 nuclear deal - European powers have insisted that breaching the deal will have serious consequences. Despite Trump withdrawing the United States from the deal, the superpower's military will no doubt play the situation as an act of malicious defiance, and further escalation of the situation from the US seems inevitable.

From Iran's point of view ...

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Over 1 Million USD Gifted To Hackers By Florida Towns


Ransomware is a real threat in 2019, and in the past 2 weeks, Florida has succumbed twice and payed over $1,000,000 in bitcoin to re-enable their software services. The decision was taken by Lake City and Riveria Beach officials, who decided that the price demanded by the hackers was worth restoring the computer system, and worth regaining access to important files respectively. But is it worth the cost when considering the huge incentive this payout is dangling in front of potential hackers? People will do almost anything for half a million dollars, and these two incident no doubt have attracted the attention of potential black hat hackers around the world.

Of course, this is also a great opportunity for white hat hackers, as they now have a great threat to display to prospective clients.

In the latest cyber attack, government workers were locked out of email accounts, and members of the public were unable to ...

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NASA To Allow You To Visit The ISS From As Low As $35,000 Per Night From 2020

To stress how good of a deal this is, the The Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur is around $43,000 per night, the Four Seasons Hotel New York is around $45,000 per night, and the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is around $65,000 per night- for their best rooms. As the million are or billionaire that you are, a night at the International Space Station is looking like the bargain of the millenia! Just imagine all the great stories you can tell your friends, and the enjoyable smiles of adventure that await you.

But even for the working professional, at a price point in the low 5 figures, let's face it - this price tag is a very achievable savings goal. Perhaps scale down on your dream car for a while, or buy a slightly more affordable home, and you're half way to the ISS already.

Well... it's not quite as easy as booking a night in a hotel penthouse, is it? There must be some conditions, training, extra expenses, and insider favouring as prerequisites for this trip, right? Well ...

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