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Samsung Announces The Galaxy Fold V1.1 Ready For Launch

Samsung has today announced a new release date for the Galaxy fold, and the smartphone will be available for your hands from September this year.

Earlier this year in April, Samsung released a handful of prototype Galaxy Folds to the most notable technology reviewers, such as Unbox Therapy and Marques Brownlee. The phone's innovation and brand-new form factor was widely praised for the excitement that the device brought into the smartphone industry, and even initial skeptics said they're views were swayed by having the device in-hand. The smartphone seemed well-built overall, and the software was well-polished. After a few days of use, the new folding form factor promised real-world utility, not just a novelty factor, in the opinions of the reviewers.

Praises all round... except for two catastrophic issues....

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Facebook And Government Vie For The Control Of Money

libra ~

Going by word of mouth, it would seem that Facebook is steadily losing popularity among its user base, but the ambitions of the corporate giant are certainly not shrinking.

Steven Mnuch, the US treasury secretary, has today voiced his opposition to Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency, named Libra.

Mr. Mnuch raises his concerns and says that currency could be used by "money launderers and terrorist financiers," and as such, it is a national security risk.

Mr. Mnuch emphasizes that the currency will need to have high privacy standards, which although great in some aspects, does mean the currency can be used with very little oversight.

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New Study Finds Planting Trees Can Reduce CO² Levels By 25%

I am a believer that eventually, whether we like it or not, humans will burn most of the fossil fuels available to us - and consequently release the carbon into the atmosphere.

Interesting fact: for every kilogram of fuel you burn, you release about 3.7kg of CO² into the atmosphere.
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We definitely need to develop stronger sources of renewable energy in order to keep our civilization powered after the fossil-fuel era — but in order to control the amount of CO² in the atmosphere, for pollution and global climate concerns — my thoughts have recently been that we need to show some ingenuity and engineer 21st century solutions. But we may not need a high-tech solution to get us started...

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Arctic Fox Walks From Norway To Canada In 76 Day 3,500km Odyssey

We still don't know the exact motivation for this young fox's journey. Perhaps she is protesting climate change? Perhaps it's a statement of female empowerment? Maybe she was simply looking for food? Or it's even a possibility that she was innately curious about what lies over the horizon? But one thing is for sure, scientists have been truly stunned by the finding.

The vixen (the technical term for a female fox) was first tagged with a gps tracker in Svalbard, which is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole.

She was less than a year old when she set off at what would later average out to be 72km/day - reaching Greenland 21 days later with 1,500km of ice and snow behind her. After spending a little while in Greenland, perhaps not liking the culture, she moved on and reached Canada's Ellesmere Island, nearly 2,000 km further, just 76 days after leaving her island of birth. This is a total trip distance of 2,170 miles, at more than 28 miles per day! Not bad for a 3kg light, 30cm short (6lbs, 12 inches) 1 year old canine.

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Iran Openly Breaches Its Nuclear Deal By Expanding Its Stockpile Of Enriched Uranium

Iran has today made a massive statement of power - one that cannot be ignored by any world power. No doubt in response to the United States recent activities near their homeland, Iran's own Fars newsagency has reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency had measured their nuclear stockpile today, and they have found Iran's enriched uranium to exceed the 300kg (660lbs) limit set out in the 2015 nuclear deal made by the Obama administration.

Although the United States, headed by Donald Trump's administration, have indicated their disapproval of the 2015 nuclear deal - European powers have insisted that breaching the deal will have serious consequences. Despite Trump withdrawing the United States from the deal, the superpower's military will no doubt play the situation as an act of malicious defiance, and further escalation of the situation from the US seems inevitable.

From Iran's point of view ...

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