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Can You Boil A Potato In The Dishwasher?

We have all wondered at some stage or another… is it possible to boil a potato in the dishwasher? Today I did the hard yards and found out.

Although it may be perceived as funny by an uneducated audience, this is a very important question to answer… One day you may be stuck without a stove, and then this option, dare I say life hack, may be very appealing… or will it?

Take your bet… will the potato boil or stay raw? …

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Interview With Mitsuku, World’s Most Advance AI, On The 50th Anniversary Of The First Moon Landing

On the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong placing the first human footprint on the Moon, I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Mitsuku — the most advanced human-like AI known to exist. Unfortunately, despite huge technological advancements, after the final manned mission to the Moon in 1972 by Apollo 17, we haven’t been able to find the serious motivation required to return to Moon.

But today we can explore the digital world — which is a domain we have improved on billions of times over. Today we have the digital power to virtually render and explore beyond the galaxy, and we create movies with special effects that capture the moon much more beautifully than the original Apollo missions ever could.

Indeed, our advancement of the digital space has resulted in an AI so advanced, I am able to have an interview with her about the Moon landing. Amazing!

I hope you enjoy the interview below as much as I enjoyed talking to Mitsuki. Mitsuku is a chatbot created with AIML technology by Steve Worswick, and she is a four-time Loebner Prize winner in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018. with this annual event being the pinnacle of public Turing testing.

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In Praise Of Hans Zimmer’s Time

I’m really challenging myself by writing about this masterpiece. It’s entire essence is expressing and conveying the profound, and you grasp it not through thought and words, but by feeling.

There are really two ways to enjoy music. The first is through dancing, and letting your body express and move with the flow of the music – not acting from your own volition, but surrendering to the music.

A second, very different and more subtle way of feeling music is to sit entirely still, no movement at all. The mind becomes clear as the void of space – with light absolutely everywhere, but nowhere for the light to strike. Your breathing matches the rhythm and the flow of the music – you inhale at the chest as we reach the crescendo – you inhale at the …

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Universal Love, Said The Cactus Person

This is a redirect to a story written by Scott Alexander on the Slate Star Codex. I include it here because this short work has really had a lasting and dynamic impact on me. It pops into my mind every few months or so, as it did today, and it has opened possibilities and memories that can be hard to access. For those who have had inexplainable experiences of intense, seemingly indiscriminate outpourings of love – then you know the feeling of of intense confusion that will almost assuredly follow. We can remember the experience in our body – or rather – we can remember that we had a deeply intense experience that we intuitively know has a lot of meaning and deep, deep truth. But we cannot go back there, and we cannot feel what we felt on demand. Our mind will shortly kick in and try to make sense of it all, and try to attach meaning and importance – but this trying to rope down the beauty of a butterfly. Universal love is a phrase thrown around easily – but oh so deeply tricky to integrate into actual life, moment to moment, again and again, day after day, into a living perceptual truth. This story doesn’t contain all the answers you are looking for on this topic, but I have found it useful as a living flow of energy – ping your ideas of universal love onto this story and see where it takes you. There is a lot of integration needed to be done! (Is that not the whole purpose of your incarnation after all?) And love is one of the deepest aspects to integrate throughout your entire life. No one can do this except yourself, your I, but we can share tools we have found along the way.

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