Gerhard Fourie

Can You Boil A Potato In The Dishwasher?

We have all wondered at some stage or another… is it possible to boil a potato in the dishwasher? Today I did the hard yards and found out.

Although it may be perceived as funny by an uneducated audience, this is a very important question to answer… One day you may be stuck without a stove, and then this option, dare I say life hack, may be very appealing… or will it?

Take your bet… will the potato boil or stay raw? …

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Adorable Dog Howling At Sirens (She Doesn’t Like Knowing Someone Is In Danger)

Our Kelpie cross German Shepherd named Rosie always howls when she hears sirens… we find it really adorable as she seems to be upset that someone is in danger or hurt, and we think she can pick up on that energy somehow.

It’s a beautiful howl either way, and since she is moving out of my home soon, I’d like to capture her in the act for memories and nostalgia’s sake.

What a beautiful, wonderful, awesome dog!

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Top Tip For Improving Your YouTube Experience [It’s So Easy, So Effective… It’s Transforming!]

I have recently found a great way to drastically improve the quality of my YouTube experience! In particular, this is a great way to make your YouTube home page and the recommended videos much more tailored to your taste, and generally to weed out all of the unwanted videos that seem more like a mind virus and less than quality content.

I’m really not revealing any great secrets here, and this is more a video that makes you aware of how to utilize a great YouTube feature… but nonetheless if you use this tip your YouTube experience will go through the roof!

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What Is Your Most Important Feature For New Smartphones?

I was thinking this morning about the future of smartphones, and what features I would like to see more regularly in future models. I am really excited by the cheaper prices, and I like the multiple cameras… but watch the video to see my most anticipated feature that I hope will one day make an appearance routinely.

What would you like to see in future smartphones? Low prices, more cameras, 5G, higher refresh rates, auxiliary jacks, bezel-less screens… or something more interesting?

Things are really getting interesting with Apple’s iPhone12, the next Galaxy, the One+ series getting innovative with the Nord, and in particular with Google’s Pixel 5 looking like it will be a winner.

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Instrumental, Funky, Relaxing, Movement-Friendly Music (Perfect For A Barbecue Gathering)

If you’re like me, you sometimes just want some relaxed yet funky instrumental music in the background of your gathering.

I made myself a compilation for a weekend barbecue, and shared it here for anyone else to enjoy. There are lots of bright jazz here obviously, sticking with the “funky” title, so I hope that’s what you came for!

The music starts on the brighter side, energising the body, and then settles in to a more solid and relaxing vibe… ending on some very satisfying melodies and slower bass. This leaves you ready for the album, or simply to call it a day there.

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