Universal Love, Said The Cactus Person

This is a redirect to a story written by Scott Alexander on the Slate Star Codex. I include it here because this short work has really had a lasting and dynamic impact on me. It pops into my mind every few months or so, as it did today, and it has opened possibilities and memories that can be hard to access. For those who have had inexplainable experiences of intense, seemingly indiscriminate outpourings of love - then you know the feeling of of intense confusion that will almost assuredly follow. We can remember the experience in our body - or rather - we can remember that we had a deeply intense experience that we intuitively know has a lot of meaning and deep, deep truth. But we cannot go back there, and we cannot feel what we felt on demand. Our mind will shortly kick in and try to make sense of it all, and try to attach meaning and importance - but this trying to rope down the beauty of a butterfly. Universal love is a phrase thrown around easily - but oh so deeply tricky to integrate into actual life, moment to moment, again and again, day after day, into a living perceptual truth. This story doesn't contain all the answers you are looking for on this topic, but I have found it useful as a living flow of energy - ping your ideas of universal love onto this story and see where it takes you. There is a lot of integration needed to be done! (Is that not the whole purpose of your incarnation after all?) And love is one of the deepest aspects to integrate throughout your entire life. No one can do this except yourself, your I, but we can share tools we have found along the way.

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Over 1 Million USD Gifted To Hackers By Florida Towns


Ransomware is a real threat in 2019, and in the past 2 weeks, Florida has succumbed twice and payed over $1,000,000 in bitcoin to re-enable their software services. The decision was taken by Lake City and Riveria Beach officials, who decided that the price demanded by the hackers was worth restoring the computer system, and worth regaining access to important files respectively. But is it worth the cost when considering the huge incentive this payout is dangling in front of potential hackers? People will do almost anything for half a million dollars, and these two incident no doubt have attracted the attention of potential black hat hackers around the world.

Of course, this is also a great opportunity for white hat hackers, as they now have a great threat to display to prospective clients.

In the latest cyber attack, government workers were locked out of email accounts, and members of the public were unable to ...

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The Most Viewed Music Videos From YouTube’s Inception, Year On Year

I thought about writing a bit on each of the songs below, and how each may have influenced society at large, and their individual fans - but I thought it would be more interesting to get your viewpoints on this. So in the spirit of reflection, let us know on the forum, or wherever, --- what effect did these songs have on you and those around you? What memories do these songs bring up for you?

It will be a great insight into the pop music genre and its influence over the last decade and a half!

I find this list a very interesting indicator of our society's supra mind throughout the years - you can really see the ages evolving and morphing - and it makes you realize how what sort of themes billions of other people in the world are and were exploring in their lives at that time. This would be a very informative list to some aliens trying to understand the human being. Would they be impressed or perplexed?

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Airborne Particles Generated During Braking Operation and Their Effects on Health

When I finished my 4th year of university, I had really had enough. For years I was doing what needed to be done, and upon completion I was (and I still am) very happy that I had achieved my goals of not failing any units and of graduating with first class honors. But I wasn't feeling as though there had been any true, meaningful value to what I had been doing for the past 48 months.

To be honest, I felt like thick sailor's ropes had finally been cut from my wrists after handing in my final thesis paper!

I am a very sentimental person, and so in the spirit of integrating a past unpleasant episode of my life ...

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Aladdin 2019 – A Movie Truly Worthy Of Celebration

2019 - 2h 8min

Aladdin is a 2019 American musical fantasy film directed by Guy Ritchie. It is a live action adaptation of Disney's 1992 animated film, which is based on the eponymous Middle Eastern folktale from One Thousand and One Nights. Will Smith was the first member of the cast to join, signing on to portray Genie in July 2017.

Movies have such a big impact on the consciousness of the public at large - and that's why I really applaud the fantastically produced new Aladdin movie! This film is really a must-watch for all ages - but as a family friendly movie - the adventure and the themes you will explore are such a gift to those in their formative years. Aladdin is a masterfully created 130 minutes of vibrant imagination brought to life by extraordinarily dynamic CGI - and the archetypal interactions of the classical myth are so wonderfully developed by truly A-class acting.

Diving straight into it - this is such a rich and dense movie in its value. Let us start with the pure enjoyment factor. Compared to a lot of people, I may considered a bit of a bore when it comes to humour - but even for me, I genuinely laughed out loud at least 20+ times - and in really sustained fits of laughter too! The comedy you will find is all about timing, relating to the characters' situation, and brilliantly executed facial animation - no cheapshot humour in sight - the prune debacle ...

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NASA To Allow You To Visit The ISS From As Low As $35,000 Per Night From 2020

To stress how good of a deal this is, the The Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur is around $43,000 per night, the Four Seasons Hotel New York is around $45,000 per night, and the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is around $65,000 per night- for their best rooms. As the million are or billionaire that you are, a night at the International Space Station is looking like the bargain of the millenia! Just imagine all the great stories you can tell your friends, and the enjoyable smiles of adventure that await you.

But even for the working professional, at a price point in the low 5 figures, let's face it - this price tag is a very achievable savings goal. Perhaps scale down on your dream car for a while, or buy a slightly more affordable home, and you're half way to the ISS already.

Well... it's not quite as easy as booking a night in a hotel penthouse, is it? There must be some conditions, training, extra expenses, and insider favouring as prerequisites for this trip, right? Well ...

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My Personal Dictionary Of Useful Words With No Satisfying English Equivalents

In some of the draft articles I have been writing, I often times want to use a particular word which I've learnt from various sources originating outside of the English language. Sometimes these words or phrases are a perfect fit for the context, and there isn't really a satisfying English equivalent that can communicate the same idea effectively. English has always been an absorptive language, so may that trend continue here!

I want to avoid using foreign sounding words with little meaning to the reader, which isn't very useful - and I also run the risk of coming across as try-hard mysterious, or even worse, as woo woo! So in order to nullify this, I will link to this page when using one of these words in an article. That way everyone can remain on the same page, and we can explore more dynamic and nuanced themes...

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Love, Life, Death, Freedom And The Future Of AI – Five Poems By Samsung Auto Predict

Love and a lie,
Love the time to find love,
Love you too,
And love that it will take place.

Lovers of the people,
We've been looking for someone,
I'm not committing to a social security,
I'm really glad you have that energy...

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