How Many Toilet Rolls Have You Bought In The Last Week?

As the coronavirus spreads, toilet paper is becoming scarce! How many toilet rolls have you bought to prepare? And why is toilet paper so important to you?

What Breed Of Dog Do You Have?

If you want to share a cute picture of your dog, I promise to write a poem for every dog on this forum thread 🎭

How Exactly Does Work?

I needed to buy a second clip-on mic for future projects, and so I thought this would be a great opportunity to demonstrate the very simple process that involves - looking at the easy process the user goes through, what happens afterwards, and what our online-store partners are getting out of this.

This was the last of the background videos for now, and I'm planning some juicy content in the week to come, stay tuned!

If anything was unclear here, I would be happy to answer any questions.

To wrap up, is a free service that costs you nothing to use, so think of all the benefits that can be had if all us online shoppers used it to raise money to plant many, many, many trees.. exactly how many is up to people like you.. and your decision to utilise this opportunity or not?

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Why Are We Donating To The Eden Reforestation Project?

It's time to look at out final donatee... at least for the foreseeable future... and I've saved the most cost effective choice for last! I was actually considering for a long time to support a local tree-planting charity here in Western Australia, especially with the recent bushfires, but in the end, the labour costs in Australia mean the cost per tree is much, much higher than The Eden Reforestation Project delivers. And so, from a global perspective, Eden is what I believe to be the best channel for converting the money we raise into actual trees. And to further cement their place as the top three tree-planting charities in the world, Eden is helping local communities reach a sustainable, harmonious future for generations to come — which is a very unique aspect of this non-profit.

There is so much to say about this non-profit, and I'm mindful to keep this article relatively concise, but Eden's own website goes into great detail about the mission, values and achievements.

The most noteworthy quality of The Eden Reforestation Project in my eyes is their low overhead costs and low cost per tree. The non-profit is involved in many different project, and they boast a very low cost of $0.10 to $0.35 USD per tree ....

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Why Are We Donating To The Arbor Day Foundation?

From my research over the past few months, the Arbor Day Foundation has emerged as one of the leading and premier tree-planting non-profits. The history behind this organisation is quite interesting actually and goes back to 1872 when a man named J. Sterling Morton started a local 'holiday' which encouraged the people of Nebraska City to plant trees — around 1 million trees were planted in the local area on the first day alone! One century later in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation was officially created, and since then has planted over 250 million trees!

The seeds that Mr. Morton planted nearly 150 years ago are still growing and spreading trees — quite literally from those first trees — but also ...

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