5 Things I’d Love To Try When Lucid Dreaming

There seems to be two types of people. The first is people with very little imagination! I often ask people if they are interested in lucid dreaming, and most people are not… I find this so strange, because how could someone not want to explore their inner conscious?

I’ve realised that for a lot of the people I talk to, they seem to be disinterested because they cannot imagine anything worthwhile to do in a lucid dream… this brings us to the second type of person, ones with tonnes of imagination, and who are extremely excited by lucid dreams! There is just so much to try.

I’m interested to hear what you’d like to try in your future lucid dreams, so don’t be shy to share, but below are a few of mine:

Activate my inner fire

In two of the dozen-odd lucid dreams I have had, I decided to sit down and meditate on the energy in my spine, doing a kundalini-activation exercise… and wow! I literally felt a bolt of energy like lightning thundering up my spine! It immediately woke me up, but it’s something I’d love to try for a third time. Maybe next time the fire could manifest in a more controllable way, such as heat in the stomach, or a melting from the heart.

Activate my crown

I have had many meditations focusing on the crown of my head, with very pleasurable results! I can only imagine what this exercise would yield in a lucid dream! I have an affirmation I would to try for this… “I am now thinking of the top of my head. I am thinking joy, joy, joy! And now at the same time, I send it out, out, out!”

Talk to a wise being

This is something I’ve never had the chance to do as of yet in a lucid dream, but I’d love to talk to a wise being about higher consciousness, and I how I can shift there. Some of the many candidates are the Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Durga, Sawarswati, Yogiraj Siddhanath, elementals or an angel. The reality of these conversations are obviously in serious question, but I can only imagine an interesting interaction emerging.

Explore the 8 Spiritual Breaths

This yoga routine with elements of kriya and kundalini, constructed with breathwork and affirmations, has been an amazing blessing in my life, and the powers for self-transformation embedded there is phenomenal! I’ve had such powerful energy experiences sober and awake, I can only imagine how epic the results would be when lucid dreaming.

Ask the dream for a gift

I have had interesting successes in the past asking my dreams a question, and I usually got very striking replies as I get transported elsewhere for a lesson. I have never asked for a gift as of yet though, and next time I want to ask for the gift of being able to lucid dream at will.