My YouTube channel is called Buddha, Christ, Para Brahman And You. I feel that anyone who knocks sincerely can access God, and this channel shares knowledge that can (hopefully) help in this.

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A fully portable cafe, specialising in vegan coffee. We use an alternative milk blend to give great tasting dairy-free coffee, chai and elixirs in town! A dairy option is also available.

The trailer is solar powered with batteries, which means it is ultra quiet and can operate off-grid. We are located in Fremantle (Australia) — but are happy to travel out of town for events. The cafe is also equiped with hot plates and a toastie maker.

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Podcasts + Interviews

Since running the YouTube channel, I have discovered I love appearing on podcasts and interviews!

If you're looking for a guest on one of your shows, I would love to make time and join you for interesting and nuanced discussions on any topic you like - of course I am happy to talk about psychedelics and spirituality to your heart's content also.


Below are my previous works. If you enjoy my style, then I would be more than happy to create a custom painting as per your request  🎨